CitizenGlobal is the most powerful cloud-based platform for collecting, managing, analyzing and distributing on-the-scene video and photo information.

The CitizenGlobal Solution

Collect, process and store photos and videos of crime scenes, emergency situations or infrastructure damage from eyewitnesses, security cameras, security personnel and more.

Analyze and manage photo and video data with powerful, collaborative tools.

Act to address the issue at hand armed with real-time, local intelligence. You can also easily distribute the relevant information to other team members or organizations.

Leverage CitizenGlobal to...

Improve Safety

Empower your community to help you serve and protect. Leverage eyewitness photos, videos and other information to reduce crime in your city, school or business.

Save time and money

Enable the collaborative analysis and rapid dissemination of photo and video information. Increase accountability and reduce response time - from crimes to emergencies to equipment/infrastructure repairs.

Enhance customer service

Two-way communication and greater responsiveness result in safer, more satisfied citizens, customers, students and employees. It also helps reduce the risk of potentially large legal liabilities.

Trusted Technology

CitizenGlobal was chosen by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Amazon Web Services to power the LEEDIR platform, a nationwide eyewitness photo and video solution for law enforcement and relief agencies. LEEDIR is free of charge in the case of major emergency, terrorist or criminal events.

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