Streamline your digital evidence process with one secure, cloud-based management system.

Collect digital evidence from law enforcement agencies, legal staff and investigators

Evidence Sharing with Courts, Legal Staff and other Criminal Justice Organizations

Empower Your Investigators to Add Digital Information Remotely From Any Device

Store, Process and Play Multimedia Evidence, Inluding Video

Collect Media from Citizens, Local Businesses and News Media for Investigations

Search Historical Records of Location-Based Social Media

Collaborative Evidence Management from Any Device

Case Management and Access Permissions

Real-Time Social Media Monitoring

How It Works

Collect from any source

  • Upload files from web and mobile interfaces
  • Applications to collect evidence from law enforcement agencies and other external sources, like citizens and local businesses
  • Social media and webpage collection tools
  • Integration APIs for your existing systems

Manage from any device

  • Case management
  • Audit trails and evidence authentication tracking
  • User permissions
  • Folders and custom tagging
  • No server infrastructure to manage

Sync automatically

  • Sync from existing hard drives and servers
  • Customize configurations and schedules
  • Pull down data from cloud to internal systems
  • Dock cameras for background uploading

Analyze collaboratively

  • Real-time, remote collaboration with chat
  • Geofencing, filtering and searching
  • Review queues for efficient team analysis
  • Video trimmer, still frame annotation and editing

Store securely

  • Secure, cloud-based infrastruture
  • File hashing to maintain data authenticity
  • Data encryption at rest and in transport
  • Interoperable copies automatically created
  • Data redundancy and backups

Share easily

  • Internally: Grant access to specific cases or the entire repository
  • Externally: With a click, share evidence with external entities through secure, temporary links
  • Custom: APIs to share with any application

The Benefits

Single management system for all your digital information files (videos, photos, audio, text, etc)
Secure, fully-redundant cloud storage
Enables collaborative analysis and management with powerful tools
Facilitates evidence sharing and distribution while maintaining chain of custody
Video trimmer, still frame annotation and editing capabilities
Improves operating efficiency and reduces IT and operating costs