CitizenGlobal provides the complete crowdsourcing photo and video solution

Deploy the CitizenGlobal technology to enable your community and employees to submit photos, videos and text with GPS coordinates of any infrastructure issue—whether it is a downed electrical wire, a hidden stop sign or dangerous potholes. Close the maintenance loop by having crews report back with pictures and videos of the repairs done. You can also use our mobile app (branded and tailored to your needs) to alert the community of infrastructure issues.

Powerful yet Easy-to-Use Enterprise-Grade Solution

  • Customer-branded mobile and web apps
  • Anonymous upload, if desired
  • Two-way alert capabilities meta-data
video / photo analysis interfaces
  • Original & transcoded media
  • Collaborative curation and commenting
  • Powerful analytical tools
Enterprise-Grade Solution
  • Secure & scalable cloud-infrastructure
  • Shared management capabilities
  • State-of-the-art, yet cost-efficient

CitizenGlobal Helps You

Raise quality of life and public safety through rapid repair services or remediating action
Provide citizens with an easy and fast way to collaborate
Improve customer relations – as two-way communication with citizens fosters trust and creates a more transparent environment
Collect invaluable photo and video evidence of damaged infrastructure and repairs to it
Save operating costs (i.e., preventing misdirected deployment of assets) and ensure the work is properly done
Reduce the risk of potentially large legal liabilities by aggressively seeking to uncover and address infrastructure issues