CitizenGlobal provides the complete crowdsourcing photo and video solution

Leverage the CitizenGlobal platform to allow staff and students to report security and infrastructure issues via their smartphones or the web, ensuring many more “eyes and ears” on the ground. Our two-way communications tools allow students and security personnel to easily connect - enabling rapid information sharing to make the campus a safer place.

Powerful yet Easy-to-Use Enterprise-Grade Solution

  • Customer-branded mobile and web apps
  • Anonymous upload, if desired
  • Two-way alert capabilities
video / photo analysis interfaces
  • Original & transcoded media
  • Collaborative curation and commenting
  • Powerful analytical tools
Enterprise-Grade Solution
  • Secure & scalable cloud-infrastructure
  • Shared management capabilities
  • State-of-the-art, yet cost-efficient

CitizenGlobal Helps You

Improve safety and quality of life on your campus
Provide students and staff with an easy and fast way to report issues
Communicate with your campus community to alert about important security or emergency situations
Quickly address infrastructure matters reported by the community – and document repairs with photos/videos
Collect invaluable photo and video evidence
Reduce the risk of potentially large legal liabilities by aggressively seeking to uncover and address security and infrastructure issues